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Hi there! My name is Aaron. I made this show to help people like you make a great show. After producing 75 episodes, I took a break in 2017 to finish and launch the podcasting course I wanted to make, Successful Podcasting. I joined Simplecast (my favorite hosting company) at the beginning of 2018 and I've been helping people launch and grow great shows there ever since. I hope you enjoy the ideas and conversations in these episodes, I learned a lot through making them. I'll be creating more and updating these soon as well. Happy podcasting! - September 13, 2018

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    Brief Hiatus

    Update: The show is no longer on pause. is live. I've got some other updates to share, but I'm currently focused on helping Brad and the Simplecast team roll out Simplecast 2.0 at the moment. I'd love it if you checked it out! Stay tuned and thanks for all the support. - September 12, 2018

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    A Day In the Life of an Audio Engineer (with Special Guest Ryan Monette)

    My guest this week is professional audio engineer Ryan Monette.

    Ryan graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production & Engineering. For the last 4.5 years he's been the Post-Production Audio Engineer on staff at Elevation Church, in Charlotte, NC, where he mixes their global TV show, and has many other responsibilities (boom operator, field recorder, sound designer, audio editor, etc.).

    You may have heard some of his work, as he sound-designed and mixed the opener video for the Circles conference for the past two years. He even had his own podcast for a short while (

    I asked Ryan to come on the show to share his journey towards becoming a professional audio engineer (a job that I've always wanted), and to get him to share some tips for anyone interested in working in audio/video professionally.

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    Improving Your Productivity and Creative Output Through Deep Focus with Shawn Blanc

    Reading Cal Newport's Deep Work book is one of the best investments I've ever made. The focus and clarity I got from that book helped me produce two huge online courses this year while working full time as a podcast editor for seanwes, and it also helped me lose twenty pounds and get into the best shape of my life while training for an Ironman triathlon (still haven't done it but I haven't forgotten).

    Put simply, Deep Work was a game changer for me.

    This is the second part of my recent interview with Shawn Blanc where we talk about Deep Work and focus.

    We also discussed pricing your online products (you can charge more than you think you can), how to create a morning routine that will supercharge your daily productivity, the power of choosing a single area of your life to improve on, and more.

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    Content Strategy and Growing an Audience with Shawn Blanc

    Shawn Blanc is a writer, small-business owner, productivity coach, and creative entrepreneur living in Kansas City with his wife and their three sons.

    Shawn has been teaching and learning about creativity, diligence, and focus for over a decade, and his online courses have helped thousands of people do their best creative work while learning to thrive in the midst of life’s tensions.

    A while back, Shawn sent an email that caught my attention. He wrote about the importance of creating a customer avatar and developing a content strategy to connect with them and help them achieve their goals. I liked the email so much that I emailed him back and asked him to come on my show to talk about his journey to making a living through writing online and what he’s learned about growing an audience.

    Shawn also shares my passion for productivity and deep focus; so much so that he’s gathered 12 incredibly smart people for a free 5 day online summit about the power of focused life.

    In this episode, Shawn shares how he was able to make a full-time living by writing online, and we discuss how you can grow your audience by creating a customer avatar (your ideal listener) and creating content that addresses their needs and desires.

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    Streamlining Your Podcast Workflow (with Martine Ellis)

    This week seanwes Community member Martine Ellis joins me to share her podcasting journey and how she created a detailed checklist to help streamline her podcast workflow.

    We discuss how niching down can help you attract a dedicated audience and how to spend less time creating a podcast without sacrificing quality. We also walk through Martine’s 9 step podcast workflow checklist and discuss our favorite podcast tools and tricks.

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    Recording Audio at a Conference

    Hey you might like this updated gear list I made:

    I just got back from seanwes conference 2016, which was an amazing 3 day conference in Austin, Texas. I knew I wanted to record some audio interviews, so in this episode, I share how I planned for the conference, what gear I deciding to bring along, and some general tips and thoughts about attending a conference as a podcaster.

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    Do You Need Expensive Headphones to Mix a Podcast?

    I’ve been watching an online audio mastering course on Creative Live called DIY Mastering (by Jesse Cannon). In it, he was talking about how he always checks his work on cheap speakers and Apple earbuds, since that’s what most people use to listen to music. It got me thinking about the importance of good headphones, and how much they really matter. Are expensive headphones really necessary for mixing podcasts? Do you really need the best gear to make great work, or are you just procrastinating? My goal for this episode is to encourage you to do more with what you have and not fall into the trap of believing that better gear is the secret to success. Full gear list is here:

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    How to Promote Your Podcast on Twitter

    You’re not sure how to get new listeners to your podcast, and you don’t have many followers on Twitter. On top of that, Twitter and many other social media platforms have a ton of noise on them. People aren’t paying much attention. How do you stand out and get people to notice you and your show? Maybe you want to use social media to promote your podcast but you aren’t sure how to get started. These are 3 big problems that many people face. In this episode, I’m going to talk about possible solutions.

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    Portable Podcasting Setup

    I got a question from a Community member about recording audio away from home, so I grabbed my Zoom H4N and a few mics and headed to a local Starbucks to test out the different mics in a real world setting.

    Full gear list is here:

    If you’d like to invest in an affordable, portable recording setup, this episode will help you get started.

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    How to Write a Better Podcast Description That Attracts New Listeners

    Your podcast description is one of the first things people see when they come across your podcast online or in the iTunes directory. This is your chance to catch their attention and sell them on your show. It’s your opportunity to convince them to listen.

    The ideal podcast description answers two questions for your potential listener:

    1. Is this show for me?
    2. What am I going to get out of listening to this?

    When a potential audience member comes across your podcast and starts reading your description, they’re wondering, “What’s in it for me?” This is your chance to tell them why they should care about your show. Otherwise, they won’t.

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